Our background as a property investor with more than 10 years of experience in buying, leasing, and selling properties sharpens our knowledge and professional skills in property investment. We understand the hassle of renting out the property including regular maintenance and rental management that investors have to handle. We aim to be the property investment partner for investors and help them achieve the expected revenue streams.

To ensure your investment with us is secured and well-managed, we provide attractive investment program with holistic turn key rental solutions for the owners.

  • Our project developments are truly for investment. All the master plan, facilities, and room layouts are designed to facilitate various forms of rental services and operations as a 5 star hotel.
  • The rental guarantee of 6% per year for 5 years to ensure the owners will gain steady income stream during early years of rental operations
  • Opportunity to earn long term passive income from 60% profit sharing investment scheme run after year 5.
  • The properties are managed by international branded hotel operators with consistent reputation in high quality of services and professional rental management
  • Capital gain from the land appreciation and property's brand growth can be expected when the owners sell their properties
  • The properties are 'Freehold' ownership type with title deed which can be used as a collateral asset for financial purposes and to generate recurring income